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Pruning is an essential part of tree care; however, it is useful only when it is carried out successfully. Incorrect techniques can irreparably damage trees, causing shorter lifespan and a higher risk of branch or trunk failure. One reason for pruning is to eliminate diseased or lifeless wood from the plant, as the disease is likely to unfold to the healthy parts


Winter pruning entails trimming undesirable branches off a tree for the duration of the cold season when trees are dormant, and pruning isn’t harmful to the tree. Pruning in the winter puts less pressure on the tree since it minimizes sap loss.

Here are some ideas and steps to be used when pruning to avoid broken branches;

•    Make a cut at the underside of the branch

This initial cut should not be too deep into the branch. It’s done to prevent the branch from cracking nearer to the trunk of the tree when the weight of the branch is about to fall. The cut is made on the branch side of what’s referred to as the stem collar, which is the small lip of bark that each department protrudes from. You need to leave the collar intact, so don’t cut flush with the trunk.

•    Reduce the branch several inches from the trunk

Your second cut will saw through the same branch, at the outside (similarly from the trunk) of the first cut you made. Remove the branch from the region; what you have left is a stub.

•    Make a precise cut to take away the stub

Now you can make any other cut almost right to the stem collar. This offers the tree the best chance of recuperation in a quick, wholesome manner. Make sure you don’t cut off the branch collar; it must stay intact.

The most crucial factor in pruning is having a sharp tool to work with. Dull pruners or saws make the task tougher and will in all likelihood leave a tree with poor cuts, broken branches and broken bark and tissue. For smaller branches, hand pruners can be used for pruning a great portion of small trees. For large cuts, loppers or pole pruners may be utilized. Hand saws can be required for the most important cuts on a younger tree.

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