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Long Island Tree Removal

We offer safe, efficient tree removal services for Long Island residents. Safety is our first priority and our ISA-certified arborists are trained to remove trees both large and small.

Removing a tree without experience is incredibly dangerous. Attempting to cut down a tree without professional help may cause injury, result in power line disruption, or damage to personal property. We will help you remove an unwanted tree without the risk of injury or damage.

Our tree experts come equipped with professional equipment to get the job done safely and abide by regulations to keep your home and family out of harm’s way.

Why might you need a tree removed?

Our tree experts will assess whether the tree should be removed or not.

Dead trees We care also  stump removaltree removaltree service

If you have a dead or dying tree on your property, it needs to be removed quickly. Once a tree has died, there is nothing more to do except take it down. As it dies, a tree starts to lose its strength and as it weakens, it loses its ability to withstand strong winds. This poses a safety hazard if storms should come along. Snow, ice, and wind can break off branches or bring down a dead tree. The fall of a dead tree can cause extensive damage to houses, cars, or people.

Diseased trees

One major cause of tree death is disease. A diseased tree can spread infection to your healthy trees. It’s important to have diseased trees evaluated quickly so that they can be treated before it’s too late. If a tree is beyond help, it will need to be removed. Not only will this avoid the eventual weakening that will follow, but it also prevents the spread of disease to other trees.

​Storm-damaged trees

Unfortunately, sometimes healthy trees experience unavoidable damage. Severe weather has the potential to damage trees. In particular, lightning can cause harm in a flash. ​With enough damage, the tree will eventually die anyway. Damaged trees are hazardous as they can potentially damage nearby structures and even lives..

Encroaching trees 

Trees that are too close to your home can cause expensive issues down the road. The roots can damage the foundation, and growing branches may get in the way of power lines. Whether there’s a tree encroaching on your home, utility line, swimming pool, or other structure, we can remove it safely before problems arise.

Undesired trees

Some healthy trees are a nuisance. Whether they obstruct your view, create unwanted sap over your vehicles, or have wood that is naturally weak and likely to break, we’re here to help.

Let our licensed experts create an attractive and healthy landscape. Contact us for a free estimate!








Professional New York Long Island Tree Service Experts specializing in the following types of tree services:

Tree & Stump Removal

New Construction

Lot Clearing

Dead or Hazardous

Stump Grinding

Tree Prunning

Complete Tree Trimming

Property Line Trim

Specific Limbs

Dead Woods



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