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Oak belongs to the genus Quercus of the or Fagaceae, family. There are roughly 600 species of oaks. The oaks are native to the Northern hemisphere. Oak trees are found to latitudes from North Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Americas from temperate. Most species of pine trees are deciduous with just a few of evergreen types. A few live over 1, although an oak’s life span is about 200 years. The Pechanga Great Oak Tree oak tree in the US in the world.

The Tallest known oak is 44 Meters Tall. Oak Trees Have

female flowers on another component of the branch, and flowers on one portion of their branch. The fruits is a nut called an acorn. Production of acorns begins by 20 to 50 years age. Each acorn contains one seed and takes 624 months to mature, dependant upon their species. Just one in 10 000 acorns will figure out how to develop into oak tree, although one oak produces over 2000 acorns each year. Wildlife that consume acorns contains jays duck bears, deer mice.

The Leaves and Also Acorns of the Oak Tree are Toxic To Horses

cattle, sheep, and goats in amounts due to the toxin acid, and lead to kidney damage and gastroenteritis. Oaks are keystone species in a broad range of habitats from Mediterranean semi desert to subtropical rainforest. Many species of oaks are under threat of extinction from the wild, due to the habitat destruction, over exploitation, diseases and also introduction of invasive species. Oak wood has great strength and also hardness.The wood is very resistant to insect and also fungal attack due to its high tannin content. Oak barrels contribute to the colour, taste, and odor of the contents, imparting a desirable oaky vanillin flavour to these drinks.

The use of oak in Wine may add numerous Different Sizes

to wine based on the type and also style of the oak. Numerous kinds of truffles, including the two well known varieties, the black Perigord chocolate truffle and the white Piedmont chocolate truffle, have symbiotic relationships with pine trees.

 The oak is a very common symbol of strength and also endurance and also has been chosen as the national tree of many countries. Oak is national tree of United States, Germany, Serbia, Cyprus, England, Estonia, France, Moldova, Romania, Jordan, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Wales and also Bulgaria.In Greek mythology, the pine is the tree sacred to care of The oak tree in Shechem is the place where Jacob buries the foreign gods of his people.

The badnjak is brought to the home And placed on the fire on the night of Christmas Eve.¬†In Republican Rome a crown of pine leaves was given to those who’d saved a life of a citizen from battle, it was known as the civic oak. The Emancipation Oak is designated 1 of the 10 largest trees in the World by the University Geographic Society and is a portion of the National Historic Landmark district of Hampton University. Even though it’s rarely reached, the symbol of an 80th wedding anniversary is pine. Oaks are more inclined to be struck by lightning than other trees.

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