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    How Trim Tree Who Sick?



    In spite of your honest vigilance, the tell-tale sign is actually there. Your tree is quite filled up with dead limbs which have not developed buds despite the fact of it late spring and looks a little bit well and dead at the same time. Before reaching out to your landscaper in tearing down the

    tree, try to take a much closer look, think deeply and ask yourself “Is my tree really dead?’


    • always good to initiate the method of performing some tests in other to determine if your tree is actually dead or is just sick. Cut off a small branch from the tree, try to feel it if it was difficult for you while cutting the branch off. Was the limb pulled off rightly or do you put a lot of effort and strength? When you plugged off the limb, was the inside dry or dusty or is it still on a moisture form?

    Moisture can simply be defined as life. If you put an observation to your tree on the above question you get the answer on whether your tree is dead or been affected with same disease. Now is time to get ready for action, put on your gloves because this is the appointed time in fighting back against tree disease.


    • This may seem a little bit contrary to your thought, fertilizing and mulching a diseased tree won’t be effective which can also result to be dangerous as well. To be precise, the majority of tree disease can actually be fought against with natural supplements, so it is advisable to give your root some breathing space in other to abort the system of fertilizer application and mulching. Without being said, the actual result you intend to get is to heal your tree not to make it grow up with the disease.


    On the other path. When you identify that your tree is infected with the disease, it will be a good approach to give it an extra TLC than usual. Always water your tree constantly this will help the diseased tree have difficulty in the detainment of moisture compared to the healthy tree. An additional note, don’t mow around an infected tree, this will result putting the tree at a big risk for wounds inflicted by the blade, a hand clipper will perfectly work well.


    the disease tree will have many of dead limbs. Perhaps, don’t be carried away with your pole pruner, this will only result in a bad issue. Just try to prune some major dead limbs, but don’t over prune it just cut 1/4 of the tree limbs.


    some trees can actually fight out disease on their own with some little assistance from you. Meanwhile, there are some dangerous diseases that need the attention of a professional in fighting them out. DUTCH elm disease. If you notice that your tree has been infected with Dutch Elm, it is good to call on a professional landscaper or arborist immediately, cause such disease is very dangerous and is capable of wiping off the entire tree on a forest in a matter of a couple of months.


    When eradicating dead limbs, it seems to be critical that there isn’t any infestation in the tree. Be very sure that the tree is well treated and taking care of for any infestation, because infestation will rapidly result to death elm left untreated.


    It is very necessary to remove up the entire dead limb; more over you might not want to scalp the tree. If you are not confident or you are having some negative doubt to your ability in trimming it up, it will be nice if you reach to the local tree trimmer in other to assist in the task. Although the cost is quite insignificant compared to the immediate and lasting outcome.

    When it comes to the stagger of the tree disease, it is better to be on a safer side than on the sorry side. It is advisable to reach out to New York Long Island  Tree Service  in other to professional handle your tree challenges. Once you properly care for your disease tree, your tree will thank you for your kindness and care.


     Here are some important tips on how to prune a needle -bearing evergreen.

    If your compound seems to be filled up with needle-bearing evergreen trees, you definitely need to know and acquire the some important knowledge on how to professional prune evergreens. Although, there are numerous types of options to consider on how to prune evergreen, what we will be elaborating here is the quickest and fastest way on how to prune evergreen effectively. Nobody wants to consume much time and strength on pruning an evergreen plant especially when they seem to be on the needle bearing stage. Not only on that aspect of its hardness, it can also be very attractive and beautiful. With the below tips and techniques, you would be able to learn how to prune an evergreen, bushes or hedges as well.


    The first and famous aspect to consider when pruning an evergreen plant is to look for a tool which can perfectly give you the best result and also saves a lot of time and energy. You have to make use of gloves in other to prevent the needle from poking you. The use of electric hedge trimmer and pruner is also required for the pruning of evergreen. Make sure to have a tarp handy in other for you to collect the trimming and dispose of them than letting them clutter or jeopardize the beauty of your plant.


    If your desire is not to be pruning evergreen all year round, to be precise they are still going to be green no matter the weather condition of each year, but it is good to prune it at a certain period of each year. You also want to be pruned in an easy way in other to avoid any difficulties. Although, prune can either be the early spring or even the fall. The fall seems to be your precious bet because the sun seems to be some how easy on the tree and there are chances that the new tips you have cut won’t even get burned from the heavy sun set in the spring.


    The best approach you can equally do to quickly and easily trim your evergreen is to be very sure in starting up with the hand trimmer, make use of the big things out of what with the hand pruner. After that, you can go ahead in implementing the finer details of the design that you actually want with the electric trimmer. This tends to make it much easier for you, and it will also save you a lot of time. Eradicating of any old, dead and overgrown limbs out of the way will make your project much easier.

    Unfortunately, pruning of evergreen can be a pain in the butt, so it is important to know the easier and quickest method to get it done. If you want your hedge, tree, or even bushes top look great, then you have to be very sure that they are getting much attention they actually deserve to get. A quick trim in the spring and a fall with this techniques will keep them looking like a million bucks and you tend to be saving a lot of money by trimming them all by yourself, actually, it’s not a difficult task if you really know the tricks and strategy.



    Before implementing the usage of any kind of powered equipment, it is very important to prepare for it. When making use of a hedge trimmer, use of gloves should be worn. It does not only protect the hands from bug bites, scrape, and scratches, it also prevents any blistered from forming on the hands. Another kind of items that should be worn which include safety goggles or glasses and the steel toed shoes. Wear overall long sleeves and long pants as well.


    Before making use of the hedge trimmer, the users should make sure to size up the bush and decide on the plans of action to take. Always predetermine the amount of the excess growth that should accurately be taken off from the top and side of the plant. Perhaps this method helps in the prevention of over pruning and limb damages.


    Before properly getting started, be very sure and certain that the hedges in question are actually the property of the individual doing the trimming. If not, then permission has to be given. Just like a haircut, trimming of the bush cannot be undone. Although, the length will keep growing back with time. If in a case the hedge trimmer is an electric model, then you have to look out for a sturdy extension cord with no break or even cracks on it. Making use of a compatible voltage is advisable for the usage of the equipment. Try to canvas the vicinity for a puddle of water and do not make any attempt in making use of the electrical component in the rain or even snow. It’s quite dangerous and harmful.


    When starting up with the project, it is important to put up all the safety facilities and gear. Eradicate all the children and pet around the vicinity. Try to put an eye on the bush and make sure that there are no forms of birds or even wild animals in it. If you notice any, it is important to hold on with the project and allow the wild animals to eradicate from the area before proceeding with your project. If in a case the bushes have extremely been over grown and tend to be containing some other multiple kinds of plants and vine, try to distinguish them from each other and make use of hand pruner to remove the vine as close to their root as possible. Be very careful when pulling the pieces off in other not to cause any damages on them. Although you can go ahead in removing the vine from the bottom in other to avoid any continuous growth. Make use of heavy pruners to eradicate any form of young trees that are growing through the bushes. Try to survey properly on the bush from different angles and direction and make a good plan on it. Make sure to plug or fuel up the hedge trimmer before proceeding with your project.


    Start with one end of the hedge with the usage of a sweeping motion, and start the trimming. Try to keep the stroke even deeper and lengthier so that the bushes will be on a uniform form when the project is finished. Don’t go much deeper than the outskirt of the bushes allow just as the caliper of the branches  and the twigs get much thicker constantly  the much closer they tend to base.


    After the completion of the project, clean up all the debris and dispose them all properly well. You can also recycle or even compost some materials rather than putting it up in the trash bin. Try to dysfunction any component of electricity. Wipe off the equipment and remove any twigs or pieces of debris from it. Remember not to leave the hedge trimmers outside in the weather.