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    Tree removals.When to have the tree removed or trimmed in Long Island NY 

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    Trees make your landscape look beautiful, provide shade and some may give you fruits. However, you should maintain them well to ensure the safety of your property and the occupants of your home.

    Trimming or pruning should be done regularly when they are overgrown dead or even for safety purposes. According to arborists, you should trim trees once per year in the dormant season of the tree. However, there are cases that call for immediate trimming of the tree. They include:

    • A tree whose branches obstruct the visibility of the road users adjacent to the house. It may lead to road accidents.
    • A storm that causes some tree limbs to fall on the utility lines. In this case contact the utility firm before coming close to the lines.
    • A tree that sways dangerously over the roof or limbs that scratch the walls of the house as they swing due to the wind.

    Here are situations that may warrant immediate tree removal

    • Trees whose roots penetrate into water and sewer systems causing a back flow or bursting the pipes.
    • Dead trees that are no longer stable on the need removals
    • Trees that have been damaged by storms to a point where they cannot be saved.

    You can get a competent company to trim the tree in Long Island to handle all your tree trimming and removal needs. It is very risky to handle safety trimming and removals on your own as it may lead to the damage of the property or injury to you or other members of the family.

    A competent tree trimming and removal company in Long Island has the tools and equipment that is needed for the work. It also has the license to carry out the service in the area. Some tree care companies also have arborists as extension officers to advice on the best way to take care of the trees. Go for the deal since you will be hitting two birds with the same stone.

    If there is a likelihood of the tree being felled crossing the road in the process or posing a risk to the general public, seek the nod from local authorities to have the road temporary closed. Your tree removal firm can handle that on your behalf.

    It is also important to compare offers from different tree removals and trimming firms in Long Island. You do not want to be overcharged for the service. Visit or website