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    Tips for land clearing

    Tips for Quick and Effective Land Clearing

    Clearing land is often the first step you will take in making any land useful. It is a necessary and at times costly expensive exercise. With the right equipment and skills it is easy to get clearing done in a quick and efficient manner.

    The basics

    Are you clearing to build residential property, or a theme park or simply for pasture?The need for the land will guide the clearing.If you are clearing to build a house you would need more intensive clearing than that needed when clearing for a theme park.

    Identify the kind of vegetation you have on the land before contacting the clearing company

    Brush – this is vegetation including vines, weeds, and small plants below 12 inches or 20 cm

    Light wood – this is vegetation that includes brush and trees that are up to 10 inches in diameter

    Forest – this is vegetation that includes trees that can be harvested for timber

    Equipment needed

    The kind of vegetation you have will guide on the equipment you need.

    Brush – this can be cleared using a bush hog or a heavy duty lawnmower

    Light wood – a bush hog can also be used when not very dense and a tree shear for dense vegetation

    Forest – Heavy equipment like a bulldozer or a track loader

    Some people have suggested sheep or goats for clearing. This is a cheap but lengthy option. Goats are good in reaching into thick underbrush and making inroads where one can go in with equipment. However, as clearing agents, they are only good in keeping cleared land clear.


    If you have trees on the land that can be harvested, try getting some timber from them for sale to offset some clearing costs. Trees that can have 8 feet logs of timber are readily marketable. For clearing purposes ask the lumberjacks to pull out the whole tree from the ground without leaving stumps. Otherwise they will leave stumps that are troublesome to clear even with heavy machinery.

    Preserving the topsoil

    Keeping the topsoil in condition that can encourage further vegetation growth is crucial if you want the land for pasture or recreational space like a park. For better preservation it is better to avoid the heavier machinery like bulldozers.  Keep use of herbicide to the minimum to encourage growth in the future especially if you plan to plant grass.

    You can use the goat option in this case after initial clearing. The goats will do a good job of eating the short tufts of vegetation to ground level.Picture of land Clearing    Tree Removal Free Estimate Company

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