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Getting the best Price for Commercial Land Clearing

Commercial land clearing is a necessity for better utilization of land whether it is buildings, swimming pools or even pasture. Good and efficient land clearing requires a mix of good skills and equipment, both of which cost money.

Some land owners may try DIY land clearing but this is often lengthy and at times becomes very expensive as the owner rents different equipment.  Contracting a professional outfit is the best option for commercial land clearing.

Pricing factors

Commercial land clearing prices can be as low as $1000 or as high as $12,000  depending  on several factors;

  • Type of vegetation – This depends on whether the vegetation is light or heavy brush, light or dense bush overgrowth, and light or heavy forests. Brush is anything from twisted vines on trees up to 10 inches in diameter. Forest is vegetation with mature trees.
  • Size of land
  • Terrain – Is the land flat, sloppy or ditched?


Different companies will give different quotes depending on the factors above and the scope of work;

  • Labor only quotation –This includes planning, equipment acquisition, area preparation, safety setup, staking and finally the clearing itself.
  • Clearing and disposal – This quote will include costs of taking away the debris
  • with equipment costs – This quote has equipment allowance and permit costs

Depending on the kind of price quote given, the amount will be anything from $200 to $8000 per acre. Light brush on flat terrain will cost about $200 while on sloppy land it could be $500. Light vegetation on flat land can cost $600 and go up to $2000 for dense overgrowth on rough terrain. Expect to pay $3000 for lightly forested land on flat terrain and up to $6000 for clearing heavy forest on rough terrain.

Saving on costs

To make these prices fit your wallet, you could try a number of cost cutting measures;

  • Getting into the work. If the contractor needs 5 men and costs for them, ask to be the fifth man and ask him to cut the costs. Just grab a pair of heavy duty denim and gloves and get into it
  • self-disposal – Cut out the disposal costs by obtaining a permit and disposing the debris yourself by burning or composting
  • Be the pathfinder. You can reduce costs by tackling some of the vegetation. If you are clearing a forest, start by using a bush hog to clear the undergrowth and then call in heavy equipment to clear the bigger trees. This could give you a steep discount.Land clearing    Get estimate here

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