Land clearing Long island

by | May 1, 2016 | Nassau County NY Tree Trimming Long island, Tree trimming

Land clearing is the process of removing obstacles such as trees, stumps, brush, and other objects that are prohibiting you from being able to use the land. 

Commercial Land Clearing

land clearing Long island

Commercial land clearing is done to clear the area for new buildings or to prepare the area for agricultural use. Our efficient land clearing service will start by removing vegetation, rocks, and shrubs from the land. After all loose objects have been cleared, we will then remove any tree stumps on the property. When removing tree stumps, we dig up the roots of the trees to ensure that the tree won’t regrow.

Once the land is cleared, we will level the ground by filling in holes, which is necessary if the customer plans to build on the property. When the project is completed, you’ll be left with a leveled area of land to work with. 

Efficient land clearing requires a mix of expert skills and equipment. Contracting a professional is the best option for commercial land clearing. Request a quote today!

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