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    News: Drones Stuck In Trees

    Sure, personal drones are taking the world by storm. That isn’t surprising at all. Flying a drone for the first can be an exhilarating experience. In fact, you would be forgiven if you get too excited like a little kid when a drone buzzes its way to the skies.

    With drones gaining more acceptance as an ultimate present – especially during Christmas, we are poised to read about them in the news. As the new “it” tech-toy for both adults and children, many of these unmanned aerial vehicles roam our air. Without a doubt, the news of drones getting stuck in trees is turning – and will continue to turn – heads amongst drone enthusiasts. Well; don’t take our word for it – here are glowing news stories of drones getting stuck in trees.

    “Christmas Crash: Drones stuck in trees”

    This sensational story by Eagle Tribune details the firsthand experience of 13-year old twins Max and Mason of North Andover with their drones. With much anticipation to test fly his Christmas present, Mason revved up his drone on their backyard. Sadly, the drone wobbled sideways, and its maiden flight was cut short by a brush of tree branches. Weighing a paltry 0.45 pounds, the drone was stuck in a tree leaving Mason without a choice but watch his brother play with his drone.

    According to Eagle Tribune, this isn’t the only case of drones getting stuck in trees. The nearby fire station receives numerous calls from exasperated drone owners. Besides posing great danger, stuck drones are usurping department’s already paltry resources.

    “My Gets Stuck after a few seconds in Christmas”

    This frustrated drone owner found himself in a quagmire after it got stuck just a few seconds in its maiden flight. All the excitement soon disappeared after his fancy quadcopter wobbled and got tangled in the branches.His story is but the tip of the iceberg in a raft of cases where drone get stuck in trees.

    With it stuck 50 feet off the ground, he tried many tricks to bring it down to no avail. First, he heaved balls, but they couldn’t take it down. Fortunately, a window washer brought it down with minimal damage. He also admitted that had he watched FAA’s “Know Before You Fly” guide, he wouldn’t have ruined his Christmas present.

    “Drones getting stuck in trees” news doesn’t end with mainstream media. Take, for instance, a Facebook post by Village News. Here is the snapshot:

    “Help wanted, drone stuck in a tree