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    The Myth and Legend Of Lake Ronkonkoma

    The accident that happened this past week to Kevin Conley in Lake Ronkonkoma reminded me of the legend that came around the 70’s, the legend of lake ronkonkoma. While I am new to the neighborhood I was surprised about the legend when a friend first told me about the legend a year ago when I had recently moved to Ronkonkoma.

    While I looked at the story on what the legend was about 3 stories came through, the first which is was the one that my friend had told me, is about a princess from the setauket tribe who felt in love with a british man and who was not allowed to see, their love was forbidden by her father, some more details about this story came through like the fact she used to send messages to him through the lake, some parts of the stories say she killed her self stabbing her self in the middle of the lake because either she found out that her loved one was dead or another story says she tried to go and escape and died on her way there by drowning. After this, which is both tragic ends she or her father cursed the lake (once again variations of the story), which says that every year or almost every year the lake will take the life of a male.

    While this is scary and very unfortunately and many just a coincidence, but unfortunately it has happened like this for several years and almost every year someone downs in Lake Ronkonkoma.

    Experts say that while the lake isn’t so deep but at some point the lake starts turning dark black which makes it nearly impossible for anyone to survive and their bodies are never able to be recuperated.