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    Care and Maintenance for Evergreens!!!

    3WEvergreen trees and shrubs will have your property landscape with green foliage and graceful forms all year round. Evergreen can stay in great shape¬† when planted in the right place, and when it comes to maintaining then they don’t require much to have done and they are not difficult to take care.

    Watering regularly and mulching fortifies evergreens trees from the cold temperatures injuries caused by the drying effects of wind and sun, and occasional fertilizing and pruning helps keep you evergreen with a nice green color and healthy.

    Planting evergreens can make your landscape have an attractive look and many property owners believe that after planting the right plants and trees they help bring out the best in their yards and they also think they job ends there.

    However, if these plants don’t receive the proper care and maintenance, they will quickly become a problem and all the beautiful part will be gone, leaving you with an unpleasant landscape look. It is crucial and important for property owners with existing or new planted trees to know how to properly care for evergreens and give the right maintenance. Remember when planting evergreens you also need to be prepared to give them the right care and maintenance.

    How to Properly Give Maintenance to Evergreens?

    G5Watering and Mulching: It is important to maintain the soil moisture for evergreen trees to withstand winter or drought conditions. Mulching with coarse wood chips or shredded bark, within the drip-line, the extent part of the canopy slows evaporation from the soil.

    Try to always mix organic matter, such as compost, with the mulch to add nutrients to the soil you’ll be adding to your evergreen trees. Always make sure the is watered during dry periods in the summer and fall, and if yo live in an area where the ground doesn’t freeze, you can also water in the winter months as well.

    Fertilizer:¬† Evergreen trees don’t require fertilizing as much as deciduous species, but if new grow is slow, the color, or the size of the needles isn’t normal for the species, adding fertilizer could be beneficial.

    In case of needing to add fertilizer, use a complete fertilizer, with more nitrogen than phosphorus or potassium, and fertilize between early Spring and mid-summer. After mid-summer only slow release fertilizer can be use and do not fertilize in drought conditions, but make sure you continue watering regularly.

    Pruning: Evergreen plants generally only needs corrective pruning, to remove dead, broken, diseased or damaged branches, and also to establish a leader, the vertical stem at the top. Usually evergreens have dominant leaders, but if there are two leaders, make sure to remove one.

    Pruning should be done outside the branch collar, and not flush to the trunk, the branch collar will prevent decay from penetrating the trunk. One important thing you need to know is to avoid pruning in late summer and early fall, as new growth may be stimulated, without time to harden off before winter.

    Having evergreens in your property can help you have a landscape with an amazing look throughout the entire year. But it is important that you know how to properly care and perform the right maintenance and care to evergreens trees in order to have the best results. You can also contact professional to help you on maintaining your trees and any area of your landscape.