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    Emergency tree removal from MY yard

    Emergency Tree removal from lawn

    What To Do If A Tree Falls In Your Yard

    A dying or already dead tree shouldn’t cause you any havoc during the next big storm. A fallen tree can be a scary experience and that’s why calling a professional tree removal in Nassau County immediately is advisable. Once that’s done and you’ve made sure no one was injured, your next steps are outlined below.

    Check for snags

    The next step is to check for snags i.e. anything the fallen tree may have come into contact with. Ensure that no electricity, telephone or utility lines went down with the tree. In case anything including your yard or lines in your home was damaged, you may want to consider calling a professional service to assess the damage and if possible, fix it. Do not approach an electricity or utility line that may have damaged during the fall. This is because the electricity could still be active and approaching it is potentially dangerous.

    Take pictures

    Just like car accidents, it’s important that you take pictures of your fallen tree as well as the surrounding area. The pictures will come in handy for your insurance claim as they will corroborate the story you tell, which is what insurance companies like when making an insurance claim.

    Check the other trees

    For the purpose of thoroughly assessing the damage and preventing destruction in future, you will want to check the health of the other surrounding trees. In case the trees are sick, old or dead and rotten, the next big storm may leave more damage in your home. The tree removal company can help you with the inspection as well as pruning services. Any sick trees should be treated by a professional and the old ones should maintained properly in the meantime, that is before the next storm hits.

    Schedule professional tree removal

    In the case of emergency tree removal and heavy storms, some insurance companies offer tree insurance. If you a fallen tree in your backyard, get in touch with a professional tree removal service in Nassau immediately to remove it fast and safely. Under no circumstances should you attempt to remove the tree by yourself. This is because the tree may have caused more damaged to your home than you realize depending on where it landed. This is an assessment that can only be made by someone with the right expertise and skills. Removing the tree by yourself may cause more damage. In addition, the insurance company may not honor the claim if a professional removal service isn’t involved.Free estimate 516-4767249