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    Average Cost Price for Landscaping Services?

    Average Cost Price for Landscaping Services?

    The average cost for Landscaping services will depends on the work that you need to have done in your property, and the size of your property will also influence on the landscaping cost. Landscaping is very important for your property in order to keep everything in it looking beautiful and healthy.

    Trees and Landscaping Trimming

    Trimming Trees

    The average cost for landscaping service will depend on what you ask to have done. A typical estimate will include prices for a weekly lawn cut, weeding beds, a spring clean-up, trimming hedges, a fall cleanup and chemical programs. These services may be price separately or lumped together as a monthly maintenance price cost in your landscaping services.

    Weekly Lawn Mowing:

    This landscaping service can be having an average cost of $40 to $60+ depending on the size of the property.

    Weeding Beds:

    The bigger and the more you have, the more it will influence in your cost to maintain. Average price per month $30 – $60.

    Trimming & Landscaping:

    If you have shrubs, hedges, ornamental trees you will need to have them trimmed in order for them to stay healthy, in shape and making your landscaping looking good. And the more extensive your landscape, the more it will take and the cost for the service will be higher, an average price cost for trimming is $175 to $400+ according to how many shrubs, hedges and ornamental trees you have in your landscape.

    Spring Clean-Up:

    People usually think because they had a fall clean-up they don’t need to have a spring clean-up, but if didn’t have landscaping service on the fall expect the cost to be higher for everything that got accumulated  over the winter. Average price cost for spring clean-ups can be around $200 to $450+ depending on the situation of your landscape.

    Fall Clean-Up:

    The more trees you have in your property, the more leaves you will have accumulated and that you will need to have to clean-up. Average price cost for fall clean-up can be from $250 to $400+                                                                

    The average cost price cost for landscaping service will always vary or depend on the service you request and if request the weekly or monthly. The best way to find out about exact price cost for landscaping services will be to contact professionals that can come to your residential or commercial property and help you choose the proper maintenance for your lawn, grass, hedges, flower beds, shrubs, trees, and any other area of your landscape that need to be taken care off.


    Only professional with the experience and the knowledge can help you keep your property beautiful and healthy, through any season of the year and by contacting experts you will get exact cost prices for landscaping services.