Tree Pruning Service in Long Island

Servicing the Long Island, NY area, Long Island Tree Service provides certified professionals for your tree pruning needs

Tree pruning is a necessary part of maintaining a healthy tree. Trees are trimmed to ensure that they do not grow too fast, outnumber other small plants, or crowd out nearby shrubs. Trees also need time to grow strong and healthy, which can be prohibited by dead and broken branches.

Trees should be trimmed annually and newly planted trees should be trimmed at least quarterly. The best time to trim trees is in late winter or early spring. Trimming should occur when the tree is in good health. Otherwise, the weak branches will be more susceptible to wind damage.

In addition to removing excessive amounts of dead branches and leaves, pruning will also improve the tree’s overall appearance.

We often prune trees in preparation for the hurricane season. Sometimes, certain trees will need to be removed before the storm season begins. Trees should be removed prior to any storms that could bring wind damage and debris to the home.

Our tree removal experts can help you determine your tree maintenance needs, what techniques will work for specific trees, and the best techniques for keeping those trees healthy and strong. Contact us for a free estimate! 

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