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 Tree Trimming Estimate Cost / How Much Does Tree Pruning Service Cost

Tree trimming and landscape maintenance is an important issue every homeowner must encounter at some point. A lot of people choose their home based on the surrounding land and trees cape. To ensure your yard is kept attractive as much as possible, the trees need to be periodically pruned. This will help give your surrounding an appealing look and help prevent hazards that may occur as a result of it overgrowing limbs and branches. With this, it becomes important that you know the tree trimming estimate cost and surrounding charges.

When a majority of homeowners ask professionals about the cost of tree trimming, a straight answer is not given to this question because tree trimming estimate cost varies and a lot of factors are to be considered before a quote is given.

Tree trimming price ranges from $75 – $1000. On an average, shorter trees (30ft and above) can be trimmed for $145-$850, trimming taller ones (60ft upward) goes for $800-$1000. Extremely tall will incur further costs (close to $1,500) or even more if the trimming becomes complicated and manual operations have to be performed. The cheapest being DIY tree trimming that cost about $50.

The two most important factors that determine tree trimming estimate cost are the proximity of the tree to a house or structure and Presence of power cables. Others include Access to location of tree and time factor

Cost Estimate of Trimming trees close to power lines

Trees are the cause of almost 30 percent of power outages. Trimming trees close to power cables will be more expensive than trimming trees that are in an open space due to the risks involved (of course some branches touching power cables need extreme care to be pruned). The estimated cost will always depend on how close the tree is to power cables, special utility tools, and Bucket trucks.

If a 50-65 Ft Tree trimming is done in an open area at an estimated price $950 to $1200, trimming the same tree that involves electricity cables on average could range from $1200-$2000 or even more, depending on the danger involved for people performing the operation.

Tree Trimming Estimate Cost near Houses

Tree limbs that grow close to a house and its roof can be dangerous because the branches and other falling debris can cause structural damages. The estimated cost of doing this will vary because it requires experience, a well -trained crew that will perform a clean job, and proper equipment.

Trimming a large tree average cost should be $1000. However, if it’s near your home, the estimated cost can be close to $1500 or even more depending on its location around your home average cost of tree removal cost  More Than Tree Tree Trimming

Tree trimming help to give your yard an attractive look and will help keep your trees in shape. It is also used to remove broken, diseased or dead parts of trees that can pose serious health hazards to your home and surroundings. To get the price cost of any tree service you need, you need to request a quote from a professional with details surrounding the tree.

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