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    Tree services Bronx County New York

    You need the help of a professional tree services in Bronx County New York to deal with various problems that are likely to affect your trees. Well-maintained trees look good in your compound and do not pose any risk to buildings and occupants. Herein are areas where you should seek assistance of tree services Bronx County New York. Pest and insect fumigation There are hundreds of thousands of insects around New York. Your trees may not be affected by all types of insects. However, the few that may affect the trees can cause extensive damage. Some insects cause the death of trees while others cause severely stunted growth. Some of the insects can also attack your home, spread diseases, and become a nuisance. These pests should be fumigated as soon as they appear. Fungus and disease management Fungi grow on the trunk and affect branch junctions as well as areas where the tree was injured. If you suspect that the tree is diseased, call tree services to send an arborist to diagnose and treat the infections. Do not wait for the tree to die.

    Emergency tree removal

    Sometimes the nature is unpredictable. There canbe storm or unexpected hurricane that causes your trees to fall without any warnings. In such situations, you need the assistance of emergency tree service. Most tree services operate a 24/7 tree emergency service. This means that you can have emergency tree removal done at any time of the day or night as soon as you realize that the tree poses a threat to buildings and people that live in the area.

    Root fertilization

    Trees, like other plants, require nutrients for them to grow healthy. Unfortunately, some soils do not have enough nutrients for the trees. This leaves the trees stressed and growing poorly. If this is the case for your trees, consider having deep root fertilization of the trees. The process involves delivery of a nutrient solution deep near the roots of the trees. The composition of the solution depends on the nutrient deficiency that is detected by the arborist. A sample of the soil is taken for the test at the laboratory and soil structure analyzed so that the best methods are sought to help a distressed tree. Do not attempt to manage tree, especially pruning and cutting down on your own. It is very dangerous and can lead to injuries and damages. Seek the assistance of tree services in Bronx County New York to handle the work instead.  
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    Tree services in Bronx County NY

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