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by | Mar 14, 2021 | Long Island Tree service

Tree Branches Overhanging on My Property – How to Keep Your Trees Clean and neat

My property has a tree and I’m the one who has to trim them. My wife was able to get them under control before I got the call from the neighbor last week about the issue. But now that they are nearly completely out of control and threatening to kill our bird population (and potentially damage our grass), I am very upset about this whole thing. Who is responsible for pruning back tree branches that are in my yard? Who should be? How much money should I be paying to have these trees removed?

The Neighbor Tree in my yard

has been a problem for quite some time. When I first moved in I could not figure out why it was becoming such an issue, but now I know why. This particular tree is thirty feet above the ground, and it has been a problem since it was planted. It is a fairly common type of tree, but it’s growth rate and health condition has made it a danger to my property. Now I must pay someone to remove tree branches that are getting in the way of my beautiful yard.

As I have watched my neighbor tree slowly

deteriorate over the years, I have also wondered how I should address this issue. I have actually considered hiring a professional arborist to come in and analyze the situation. I am a bit nervous about this because I don’t want to believe that my tree is going to become unsafe just because someone cut some tree limbs and branches that were getting in the way. Plus I don’t like the idea of having a stranger cut down my beloved trees. So I finally decided to do something about it, and that is why I am here to talk about the other option that I have chosen.

I have hired a landscape contractor to take care of trimming and tree removal. They will be trimming and removing the dead and dying trees on my property. The contractor will also be putting down some netting so that the tree removal can move forward. The netting will be an important part of keeping future pests and bugs out of the area as well. But what will happen next?

After the trimming

and killing of the trees, the branches will have to be removed from my property. I have had to hire a group of workers to help me with this process, because it is a lot more labor intensive than trimming and killing the trees. This group of workers will be in charge of removing all of the branches that are not going to be needed.

When the trimming and killing of the trees is completed, the trees will need to be cleaned up. Because the trees were dead before being removed from my property, they are very heavy and must be moved. I have hired a landscape company to do this for me, and I know that my neighbor tree will be properly taken care of.

Now that the tree is removed and cleaned up, I will have to think about where to plant my new tree. My neighbor tree was planted in a location that receives direct sunlight every day. If I plant it in another area, it may not survive. So my decision on where to plant it has to be based on the type of tree.

Tree removal and trimming are just two of the things that I have to worry about now that my neighbor tree branches are overhanging on my property. Luckily I am not the only person in my neighborhood that has this problem. I am sure there are many other people out there that have problems like mine. Luckily there is a way to fix these problems and keep your property looking neat and clean.

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