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 Tree Pruning   A Guide to Pruning Trees Safely

It is essential to apply correct and safe tree pruning methods because this helps to create and maintain the tree’s strong structure. Correctly pruning a tree will help avoid hazards such as branches that grow lower. The purpose of pruning a tree is so that damaged or diseased branches are eliminated and this hinders insects or decay from entering into the tree.

Reasons Why Trees are Pruned

Trees are pruned for two reasons namely health and safety. Pruning is done to eliminate diseased or storm-damaged branches. Pruning is also necessary to make the crown of the tree lean and to allow new growth and proper circulations, to decrease the tree’s height, or get rid of branches that cause obstructions.

When to Prune TreesIf there are dead, damaged or diseased branches, you must get rid of them immediately. It is always advisable however to prune trees during the winter season. Pruning can be done at anytime but it is better not to do it during hot dry period or when the weather is extremely cold.

Important Tips to Safe Trimming and Removal of Trees

It is very common for people to get electrocuted during a tree trimming process. This can cause very serious injuries or probably result in death. It might be necessary to get in touch with the utility company so that they can de-energize, or ground, or shield power lines before commencing the trimming. It is also essential that any trimming that occurs within ten feet of a power line should be done by personnel who are trained and have the experience to trim trees. It is important to have another trimmer on the ground within normal voice communication range. When ladders or any other equipment are moved, caution must be observed around power lines.

Other Recommendations for Safe Tree trim a tree during harsh weather conditions. It is essential to have an assessment done to determine any hazards before commencing on the tree trimming process. It is also essential that trimmers are trained and have the experience to use equipment such as chain saws to avoid hazards. Using safety and protective gear such as gloves, glasses and hard hats is essential. Determining the direction in which the tree will fall when being removed is essential.

The Hazards of Tree PruningTree removal can pose a hazard to people and property is not done properly. Using the right amount of hinge wood to guide the tree to falling safely is essential. It is also advisable to be prepared with a path for retreat to safety should the tree fall in the wrong direction. Make sure the trees limbs are stable and strong enough to climb and have the right fall protection gear in place in the event of a fall. Never climb a tree while holding tools in your hand and never turn your back on a tree that is falling. Sometimes a tree might fall and fail to get to ground completely because it is held up by another tree. It is essential to be cautious with such trees. Generally tree trimming and removal is a hazardous task that should always be undertaken by professionals. Contact us

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