Pruning Silver Maples

by | Jan 28, 2021 | Long Island Tree service

Pruning Silver maples, which are native to North America, have long been treasured as a form of shade for shade trees. They are susceptible to oak bark disease, which leads to the hollowing out of the tree. This process of bark decay can sometimes be prevented by some careful pruning. In time the tree will die anyway.

The Silver Maples

are among the easiest silver maple to upkeep. The silver maples are also prone to rot, especially near meadows. To prevent such damage to the health of your silver maples, be sure to prune back your selected branches at least twice a year. Also, examine how much you need to cut off in order to maintain the integrity and health of your silver maples.

Some people like to do their pruning

in the fall when the weather is cooler, but it is not advisable if you want to keep your silver Maple healthy over the winter months. Pruning should be done near the beginning of October in the southern states. However, if you prune your silver Maple in the spring it is important to make sure that the buds are fully grown before you cut them down. If they are not fully grown, the branches will grow out at the wrong angle and at an angle that means they will not cut as deep or at all. Therefore you will have extra buds that will not serve any useful purpose.

Be sure to check the branches

often, especially at the start of autumn. It is important to cut them at the right angle so that they grow in the correct direction. Also, check to see how much wood you need at that time. Some Silver Maple trees will actually double their growth rate in the first year due to the new year fullness. If you only need a few branches at one time, this might be all you need to get them cut back.

Silver Maples really loves water

and it can be a great pleasure to have them around the house in the spring and summer time. In order to keep your silver Maple trees healthy and happy in the long run, it is vital to give them a regular watering routine. The best time for pruning branches is late in the evening after the last frost in the northern states

Tree removal and Pruning

Although there are many different types of maple trees that can be used for pruning silver ones, the best trees to use are those that are healthy and strong. These trees should be shaped into a crescent and not flat. These are the perfect pruning tools to use because they cut at an angle that allows them to grow in a natural manner. The small, silver sized blades will easily penetrate the bark and will cut through the heartwood with ease, ensuring that the tree remains strong and healthy for years to come.

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