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by | Jul 2, 2017 | BLOG, Events New York July 4, Long Island Events In July 4


Celebrating Fourth of July is always a thing of joy and happiness, but it can seriously get annoying. Everywhere you turn to, it seems America is staring at you in the face and reminding that it is her birthday. From the fireworks to the heat of the sun, and also the lovely ‘America the Beautiful’ song by Ray Charles letting you know the party is about to begin. I guess we just have to join in the fun and allow America carry the day. Even though July 4th is usually a time of fun with family getting together to celebrate by firing the grill and popping wines to join the Independence day celebration, it can also turn out to be so annoying. Yeah! So annoying that you can’t wait for the America’s birthday parties to pass. Some of how Midweek Fourth of July can turn out to be annoying are;

  • The Crowd Everywhere

With the way everywhere is filled with people, make you wonder if the America population was tripled the previous night. From the beach to the grocery is filled with people wearing white, red and blue makes you wonder where all these people were the past week. This can be so annoying if you are in need of an item or want to enjoy a peaceful dog walk.


  • The Queue at the Shopping Malls

This one of the most annoying aspect associated with Midweek Fourth of July. The line at the shopping mall will definitely leave you wishing for a new plague to reduce the crowd. With thousands of people queuing up to get one time or the other can definitely frustrate your shopping activity on that day. It is always advisable to purchase all the needed items for the celebration and other household essential the week because of Fourth of July unless you want to spend the whole day in a queue.


  • The Extreme Heat

Everywhere is crowded and the whole place is heating up all thanks to the intense summer sun. Fourth of July usually happens when we are already in the peak of summer. Due to the summer heat, dehydration is bound to happen because the hotness of the environment leaves you with an insight of how it feels to be left stranded in Sahara desert.


  • The Frightening Sounds

With millions of dollars being spent on firecracker shows, there is sure going to be a lot of scary noise everywhere. With firecrackers going off every minute would make the atmosphere look like you are in the middle of Afghanistan with bombs going off everywhere. Dogs and pets are even affected by this frightening sound. It could be so annoying if you planned to feast on that interesting novel or carry out a study.


  • The Smell of Alcohol and Drunk People Everywhere

The atmosphere enveloped with alcohol smell and people getting drunk as early as 10 am can be so annoying. If you are not a lover of alcohol, the atmosphere might leave you wanting to throw up. Although it is part of the fun, so we all have to bear with America just like always bear with us on our birthdays.


While Fourth of July can be a time of fun and sober reflection, modesty is the key when it comes to celebrating America’s birthday. It is of great importance to apply caution and safety measures from firing up the grill to drinking alcohols, and also lighting up firecrackers. Stay safe and enjoy the best of America’s birthday celebrations.


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