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Help, just now got my Drone stuck in a Tree

Shooting with drones is a great experience. It gives you amazing footage and angles like no other. However, it does take an expert hand to figure out the correct way of maneuvering a drone.

Often, it might get stuck in places that a drone is hard to recover from! Quite often, drone operators find their drones stuck in a tree.

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Here is a helpful guide that will allow you to rescue your drone all in one piece, without having to take any extreme measures!

What Not to Do?

It is important to know what not to try before you try effective techniques. Make sure you don’t try anything that might harm your drone or damage it.

First of all, do not try to knock your drone out of the tree using force. Many people try to shake the branches in hopes that it will detangle and set loose. However, the chances of that working are very low.

In fact, you might just end up damaging the structure of the drone. Many websites also recommend hosing out the drone. Needless to say, this will cause more trouble for you than you wish to cater to.

Many drones are not waterproof, even if yours is- it is not recommended that you hose it out of a tree as it can surely damage the cameras, hover mechanisms, and fans.

Lastly, do not try and rescue a drone with a drone. This is a common solution people think might work. However, they end up with two drones stuck in a tree instead of one.


How to Get A Drone Out Of A Tree?

Now you know what not to try and worsen your troubles. Let’s look towards viable solutions that can help rescue your drone to safety, all in one piece

1.  The Simple Solution: Climb the tree

Try climbing the area where your drone is stuck. Do not try and climb the tree with your bare hands- instead, get a ladder and try to safety fish out your drone.

Ask someone else to hold the ladder for you and safely dislodge the drone. However, this cannot be done in all cases. Especially if the tree is too tall, and it is simply dangerous to climb it to fetch out the drone.

2.  Get A Long Pole

If you can fetch yourself a long pole that reaches the drone, that could solve your troubles. Try to be as gentle as possible and use the pole to hook on to the drone. This can be done by inserting the end of the pole into a nook of the drone.

What is important is that you remain gentle and try not to tug it out too hard- which can end up damaging your equipment.

3.  Use A Fishing Hook

Make sure that the hook has gripped on to the drone properly and slow start to tug out the drone. Make sure you have a friend around that catch the drone if it trees to slip out.

However, this might not work if the drone is too high up in the tree

4.  Use Any Kind of Weight

Try using a weight attached to a rope to shake the branches gently. What is important is that you lightly dislodge the drone enough with weights. Try not to force it out nor try to tug on it.

Drones are not as sturdy as you might think they are.

If you have tried every possible solution, then it is time to turn to the professionals for help.  A team of trained firefighters would be glad to help you out.

All they need to do it use their equipment to dislodge your drone and bring it back to safety manually. It might be more time consuming- but it won’t damage your drone with sheepish techniques.

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