Cat Stuck in a Tree How Get Help

How to rescue a cat stuck in a tree

Cats are just adorable and the apparent rulers of the internet. However, most of us tend to forget that cats are highly efficient predators and have a chasing mentality for smaller animals. They have claws that are excellent for climbing up most structures. However, these attributes may lead them to chase a squirrel and climb up a tree. On the other hand, if they are being chased by dogs, they may climb up trees to get safety in altitude. But this leads to them getting stuck in a tree since they get nervous or have trouble climbing down. Don’t panic if you don’t know how to rescue a cat down the tree. Just follow the tips listed below:

Try coaxing your cat down the tree

  • Figure out the exact location of your cat and place some treat like a can of tuna at the bottom of the tree
  • Make sure to lock out all the dogs in the neighborhood and take help from your neighbors
  • Prevent other large animals from approaching the food. It can spook out your cat and make them more nervous
  • If you are the owner of the cat, bring out its favorite treat for coaxing it down
  • Cats also love to chase dots of light. You can distract it with one and then guide it with the laser pointer down the tree along the tree trunk
  • If your cat is capable of coming down on its own, it may require some more time on its part and patience on yours. Wait for it to climb down on its own accord.

Help it down the tree

  • You can lay down a ladder against the tree and place some treats along its steps to encourage and help the cat for climbing down
  • You can also apply the tuna treat on a broom wrapped with a soft towel and extend it towards your cat to help it get on the broom
  • Slowly bring it down without sudden movements
  • This emergency method is useful when the tree is short and your cat is pretty close within your reach.

Climb up yourself

  • If the previous methods fail, it’s time to take things into your own hands. Make sure that there are no sharp objects near the ground that can harm you in case you fall down
  • Set up a ladder against the trunk and climb up slowly
  • Don’t forget to wear safety gloves since the cat may lash out at you if you aren’t the owner
  • Grab the cat by its scruff and gently bring it down. Holding them by the scruff also disables any additional movement from the cat


Rescuing cats from a tree is a dangerous job and you should leave it to the professionals who are experienced and have proper climbing gear. Call your local company that specializes in tree services before things get worse. Findlocaltreeservice can get the job done and provide other tree services. We are prepared round the clock to be of assistance

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