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    Winter Lawn Care Service & Landscaping!!!

    Welcome To find Local Tree service and Landscaping Division Department

    At Find Local Tree Service we can offer you a variety of Landscaping service, Lawn Care to improve the look of your property whether it is residential or commercial.

    • Weekly Lawn Care Maintenance
    • Landscaping Designs
    • Fall Clean-up
    • Winter Lawn Maintenance
    • Paver
    • Retaining Walls
    • Trimming for (Hedges, Shrubs, Plants)
    • Seeding
    • Weed Control
    • Water Designs
    • Spring Clean-up
    • Edging
    • Irrigation
    • Drainage
    • Sprinkles System
    • Snow Removal
    • Landscaping Lightning ( Christmas Light Decorations)

    lcLandscaping Services: We offer all kind of landscaping services to commercial and also residential owner, because we know that you love to have your property looking its best.

    In order to maintain the beauty of your home you need to take care of your landscape, giving the proper maintenance to the lawn, grass, plants, trees, pavement, fountains, etc. In your residential property it is important that you take care of your front and back yard to keep your property looking the best way possible. Our experts at Find Local Tree Service can help you with the care of any area of your landscape,using qualified equipment and well trained crews, to give your property any new improvement, or any landscaping service that it needs.


    (Christmas Light Decorations): We install all type of Holiday lightning for commercial and residential properties, because we know that most of you have no time to do it yourself. For Christmas decorations we use Spider-lift machine to reach the highest place and you don’t have to worry about this machine because it won’t damage your lawn. It is also important that if you need to request Light Decoration service to do it with anticipation.

    Landscaping Lightning Service:


    By adding light to your house you can help to increase the value of your property and not only that, but lightning will improve the curb of your appeal of your home and adds a different and elegant atmosphere after sunset. Our Experts can work with any ideas you have for your landscape.



    Snow Removal: Winter time has arrive and when snow start to fall and accumulate as business or property owner you know snow can fall and cause havoc, at Find Local Tree Service  can offer you snow removal services before, during and after snow storms, especially for commercial properties as well as residential. Contact us and get service by professionals (We Make contracts to work with commercial properties).

    Keep the Maintenance: A landscaping design and vision will only last as long as you allow it; your property’s beauty will shine, flourish and grow along with the care and maintenance you give it and by using the help of experts. At Find Local Tree Service we offer you any landscaping service to keep your property in good shape and looking beautiful whether you want to work in a residential or commercial.

    Down below you have few more of the service our company do to help your landscape property.

    mgMany homeowners make the same mistake year after year, thinking that just because winter arrives they don’t need to care about their lawn/yard. When you have a property you need to dedicate time to keep it healthy through any weather situation and one of the most important things is to mow your lawn short for the winter. If the grass is left too long, it will lay over on itself from the pressure of the snow cover.

    Mowing Your Lawn/ Strategies

    kf If you leave your lawn too tall during winter months it will be prey to field mice and other animals that want a warm up place to sleep, in case you didn’t know mice can destroy large parts of your lawn by building nest. During the last month of summer you should gradually lower the cutting base of your lawn mower each time you mow your lawn, slowly cutting your grass shorter will allow to be good in winter without shocking it by cutting it all at once. Make sure your grass is as short as possible at the end of the season. Remember short grass also protects any new growth that may be fragile, if you can’t take care of your lawn on your own make sure you find expert lawn care services.

    Winter Fertilizer

    jl It doesn’t matter if it is late fall or early winter, but these are the best time to fertilize your grass. Before the first freeze, give your lawn a thorough fertilizing to replace all of the nutrients that can be lost from the soil during the hot season. Once weather turns cold, the fertilizer will remain in the soil and feed your grass/lawn’s roots all winter long and by the time spring comes your lawn will be looking green, lush and healthy because it has been feeding on good fertilizer nutrients during winter time and under the snow. For lawn care service and fertilizers you can always contact experts.

    Make sure to Keep Your Lawn Clean!

     hoWhen cold weather arrives, homeowners tend to forget about their lawns and it is easy to forget every type of item in the lawn during the long cold winter. If an object is left on the grass during cold weather and snow falls, this can create a large dead spot because of the weight of the object and when the next season arrives the grass will be stunted and thinner than the rest of the yard. Make sure you clear the lawn of all objects after you mow it for the last time of the year, do an occasional sweep of the lawn every 2 weeks during the winter as well.

    There is not really much lawn care that can or needs to be done during the cold weather. But if you take the time to prepare the lawn during the fall season, your grass will be just fine until spring arrives one more time.

    Lawn care services in winter time are not only just for your lawn but also for your trees, hedges, shrubs, gardens or any plant in your property; they all need preparation for the cold weather. Make sure you contact professionals to help you with your lawn care service and any other area of your landscape.