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    Why Trim Branches Overhanging Property, Home or Building?

    Trees are inarguably beneficial to our home’s beauty and serenity. For us to enjoy all the advantages of donning our homes with trees, it’s paramount that we take good care of them. Besides, overgrown branches or limbs can be hazardous especially during natural disasters such as storms. You don’t want overhanging branches bearing down on your property or home. Apart from causing adverse damage to your property, overhanging branches can lead to insurmountable injury to your loved ones.

    Trimming is undoubtedly the best way to maintain your tree. Not only does it ensure that your trees are appealing but also offer an excellent way to tame overhanging branches. Wondering why you should trim overhanging branches? Here are the top benefits of cutting your branches especially those that are hanging over property, home or buildings.

    To Abide by State or Local Laws

    Cases of neighbours complaining about eye-sore, overhanging branches are on the rise. That isn’t surprising at all. If your tree branches hang over your neighbour’s property or home, it’s prudent that you trim them lest you attract a lawsuit. Certain states require that overhanging branches or limbs be removed at your expense. So before your neighbour goes to an expensive contractor, you should consider trimming your branches way before they complain. Besides, you will be cultivating a good community spirit while complying with state or local by-laws.

    Avoid Damage to Property

    Overhanging branches can cause adverse damage to property. During strong rains or gust of wind, they can fall or break off causing massive destruction to your home. Also, overhanging branches can burrow their way under roofing materials making roof leaks imminent.

    To Avoid Damage to Utility

    Failure to cut overhanging branches can disrupt your power supply. How? These branches can burrow their way into power lines. Needless to say, power loss and damage to power lines can rake in thousands of dollars in repair bills. And it doesn’t end with power lines.

    Overhanging branches can damage other utility amenities. These include TV cables, telephone lines, and so forth. That is why utility companies require that your trim branches overhanging their facilities.

    To Protect Your Family

    It’s undeniable that family safety is a top priority. Overhanging limbs and branches can fall or break off causing unimaginable injury if they bear down on your family member. Trimming decaying or overhanging limbs is a commendable safety measure to protect your family.

    Improve Aesthetic Value of Trees

    Overhanging tree limbs be an eyesore. To enhance the appearance of your trees, you need to get rid of ugly branches overhanging your home. Without them, your house is poised to be elegant, welcoming, and safer.