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    Trimming, Pruning Cedar Trees!!!

    When to Perform Trimming, Pruning on Cedar Trees?

    R1Cedar is an evergreen tree that grows into a tall, pyramid shape with cascading looking like branches. The tree is has a pleasing shape and is ideal to plant it in U.S especially in hardiness zones 6 through zone 10, depending on the varieties.

    Deodar and Atlas Cedar are a good selection for home landscape area. Trimming you Cedar tree for shape early in its life will reduce the pruning maintenance as the tree matures and becomes too tall to safely trim.

    Trimming a Cedar tree when it is young promotes strong, vigorous growth and overall tree health. A young cedar tree has small branches that are easier to reach and remove than those on older trees, and it is also important that you inspect the tree branches that are crowded or have weak joints and remove the ones that are rubbing on each other, or the ones that are growing towards the inside of the crown of the tree.

    When trimming is better to trim out multiple leaders to keep the strongest one for a desired shape. Trimming and shaping the tree or bush at planting improves the appearance so there is less pruning maintenance required as tree the ages.

    If you have cedar on your property or if you are planing on adding some to your property it is important that you know when it is the appropriate time to give them the right maintenance and when to do  Cedar tree trimming or pruning.

    Why Prune & Trim Cedar Tree!!

    Trimming or pruning is performed to remove dead, disease or damaged branches  to keep cedar trees and bushes healthy and attractive. If you have trees in your property whether they are cedar or other kind of trees it is important that you inspect the branches and remove any that appears to be diseased or weakened in order to avoid the branches from falling when you least expect it and causing damages.

    r2If you have remove diseased branches make sure you disinfect the pruning blades to prevent spreading the disease to other part of the tree, and to other plants. Shaping the tree when its still young reduces the amount the tree will need when its mature, and avoid removing more than 10 percent of the tree crown during one trimming or pruning season so the tree has enough energy to recover and remain healthy and beautiful.

    Before you decide to prune or trim cedar trees you need to make sure why, because you need to have an specific reason for removing branches from the tree, bushes, or hedges in order to keep and maintain your tree in in good shape, healthy and attractive. Make sure you know all the trimming and pruning basics on why you need to perform the necessary maintenance on your cedars.

    If you don’t know how to take care of your trees, you always have the great option of calling professionals to do the work the way is supposed to.