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    Best evergreen trees for privacy

    Best. If you are looking for some privacy from your neighbors or need to block some eyesore such as traffic or other developments on the background, consider planting tall evergreen trees in the direction of the problem.

    When looking for the trees, consider the climate around your area, the soil in the region and the type of tree adaptability to the climate and the soil. Only go for evergreen trees as the deciduous ones will leave you exposed during the fall season when they drop their leaves.

    Here are some of the best evergreen privacy trees

    The American Holly

    Holly Trees for Nassau County

    Best Trees For Privacy long island NY

    This plant is very common for creating dense hedges across America and beyond. The branches intertwine blocking off the view from the outside.

    The American Holly trees are disease and pest resistant, require minimal watering and can grow up to 6 feet when mature.

    Spartan Juniper

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    Evergreen Trees best Top

    The Spartan Juniper is one of the toughest and tallest evergreen plants that you can find in your landscape. The plants grow very fast, require very little maintenance and watering and grow up to 20 feet when mature

    The tree has a characteristic columnar cone shape with very dense branches. It has good tolerance to extreme heat, drought and cold. The tree can also act as a wind breaker in areas that experience high winds.

    Thuja Green Giant 

    Thuja Green Giant Evergreen

    plating Trees long island NY

    This lush evergreen plant is one of the fastest growing privacy trees in the market. It has richly green dense branches and grows up to five foot every year. You can prune the trees to your desired height; however, if you choose not to prune, they can grow up to a height of 40 feet.

    Thuja giants are disease and pest resistant and can withstand extreme temperatures and drought. Moreover, they adapt well to different types of soil and other conditions. These trees are great wind breakers and give you a good shade for your backyard.

    Willow Hybrid

    Best Trees Privacy

    top trees best and safety

    The Willow Hybrid, also called Austree is great for creating a green wall round your property. In fact, you plant it five feet apart and still achieve a thick green wall. In good conditions, the plat grows for more than six feet a year. It also tolerates the climate extremes and different soil types.

    The tree is great for covering off the view of a mine, traffic and keeps you off the eyes of neighbors in the story buildings. The plant is also grown for its beauty in the compound.