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    Trees Leaning Question??

    Trees Leaning to home or building are danger to property

    Trees usually don’t grow straight, and a little lean is normal. But when your tree starts looking like the Tower of Pisa as a result of poor weight distribution or anchor root damage, it is likely unstable, and this is a good time to call an arborist before the tree causes severe damage to near building and properties. The danger signs of a leaning tree include Cracked or heaving soil, especially on the side opposite the lean and exposed roots around the base of the tree.

    Dangers of leaning tree

    Some leaning trees are structurally unsound, meaning it could fall at any moment, especially when under pressure from severe storms or high winds. If a branch falls from one of the trees, it could result in serious damage. Imagine that branch being broken and not falling until a loved one is underneath or close by. Obviously, broken limbs can break more than bones. They can damage cars, wreck garages, and fall on your home and building resulting in water, roof, and major personal property damage. They can damage the drainage system of a building when they are too close. Also, leaning trees with falling branches can topple power and communication lines in the house which may cost you huge amounts of money repairing the damage as a home owner.

    Solutions for a leaning tree

    Stake the tree

    For young trees, you can correct the angle they grow at with some rope and a stake. Drive the stake into the ground on the opposite side to the lean and make sure not to put it too close as the tree can grow around the stake which can cause problems later on.

    Trim the tree

    Another reason that the tree might be leaning is that it’s lopsided or unbalanced. If it’s heavier on one side than the other, it’s probably going to lean that way. By removing some of the branches on the leaning, side you can even up the weight distribution and free the tree to grow more straight and balanced.

    Remove the tree

    Sometimes, especially for older trees, it’s not possible to correct the growth. This can be a consequence of a small problem not getting fixed earlier. Depending on the direction the tree is leaning, and how likely it is to fall, it may be a major safety concern. Hiring a qualified tree lopper to remove trees like this is something that should be done as soon as possible.

    If you have a tree that is leaning, keep a close eye on it by checking for any movement, the direction the tree is leaning and what it is likely to hit if it topples over.

    Tree leaning

    Trees Leaning Problems can Cost Emergency Removal