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    Tree watering tips?

    Tree watering tips

    Water Trees

    how Much water Tree needs in Long island New York?

    Tree watering is one of the most important tree care programs that you should undertake. The exact amounts that each tree should get depend on the individual varieties of the trees and the climate that prevails at the time. Here are some workable tips on watering your trees.

    Tree Watering Newly planted trees

    Newly planted trees should be watered immediately after planning. This is because the trees roots are weak and unable to get water by themselves. Continue watering the plant daily until it has established itself. Keep lowering the amount of water that you give to the tree after it has established its roots.

    The first two years of growth

    The first few season of growth for your plant are critical to its establishment and vigor. During this period, the tree actively develops the roots into the soil for stability, water, and nutrients. The tree has problem withstanding drought and heat bouts of seasons such as summer.

    You can assist the young plant by mulching and giving it enough water. Mulching helps maintain the soil moisture and blocks the direct sun heat on the root5s of the plant.

     Deep watering

    Tree watering plant

    Tree plant watering

    Deep watering involves providing water for your plants from deep inside the soil. The practice keeps the water concentrations below the surface of the ground. The saturation reduces the shock that the plant experiences from drought and transplanting, and allows the roots to grow deep into the soil.

    When and how much

    Most people are only concerned with not having enough water. However, over watering the plant is as bad as giving it less adequate amount of water. Moist soil is difficult from soggy soil. You can determine if the soil is soggy or dump by feeling it with your hand. Damp soil dries up in a while soggy water has porridge-like consistency.

    The rule of the thumb is to have at least 30 seconds of steady water stream per tree seedling. Do not use a very powerful jet as it may damage the tree as much as it waters it.

    You can use the garden trowel to check soil moisture by inserting it into the ground at the depth of two inches and moving the blade a bit. If after feeling the soil, it is moist to touch, it does not need more water.

    Do not water the trees during the afternoon sun. The sun will evaporate the soil and makes the soil cake around the plant. This makes it hard for the roots to penetrate the soil and is a waste of your water resource.