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    Tips To Take Care of Newly Planted Trees

    Do you remember the day you planted your most trees? You conducted all the research to ensure that you planted the perfect tree. And soon afterwards, you took to digging though not deep, planted the new tree and then covered it with soil to ensure that it was straight. However, you didn’t stop there. Instead, you went further and covered it with mulch and irrigated it with plenty of water. And since then, you have been admiring the work of your hands and waiting for all the benefits the tree would benefit you. This blog will cover the care tips for newly planted trees to ensure that you get to see yours grow and become a fully fledged tree.

    Mulching new trees

    To ward off weeds, control the temperature of soil, or retain soil moisture, new trees need mulch. You want to make sure that you don’t pile too little or too much mulch though. Pouring too much mulch, a practice sometimes known as volcano mulching, can create a damp and cool environment which in turn promotes the growth of fungi. It can also lead to diseases and pests. All these are factors that could stunt the growth of your new tree. The best mulch for new trees is organic mulch. Two to four inches of mulch should be applied around the tree’s drip zone and about 1-2 inches away from the trunk to ensure proper circulation.

    Watering a new tree

    Due to the fact that new trees are usually under stress in their new environment, it’s highly important to ensure that extra love and care is given. Watering ensures that oxygen and moisture reach the tree’s roots. Deep watering on a daily basis for the first two weeks is crucial. After that, you can water it once every week for one year and don’t forget to factor in the rainfall as well. And during the hot months, water the tree more frequently.

    Pruning new trees

    While it is important to trim the minor branch defects during planting, it’s also important hold off any pruning at least for a year after planting your tree. This is because trimming your tree in the middle of a growing season can easily limit its growth during the next growing season.

    Taking care of a newly planted tree is as simple as that. For any further enquiries, you can contact a company that provides tree service in Long Island in New York