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    Emergency Tree removalĀ 

    Emergency Trees can pose a risk to the occupants of an area especially during the foul weather. They may fall on the vehicles and building causing heavy damage as well as injuries to the occupants.

    The winter season is notorious for heavy ice and strong winds, which are experienced in many areas across United States. Sometimes the wind is so strong that it overturns vehicles and brings a lot of damage as explained below

    Damage caused by winter stormsĀ 

    High winds cause the roof shingles to tear off and the tree limbs to break. The limbs can cause a high amount of damage especially in a populated area. It only takes a single branch to fall on a vehicle or a fence and cause some serious damage.

    Danger to the occupants

    Falling tree have been known to maim and kill people when they fall unexpectedly to the people walking nearby. It is essential that you examine the trees in your compound and determine if they are in a good condition to withstand the winter storm. Having the worrisome branches or weak trees cut off in advance can prevent a possible loss of life.

    Risk of power outages

    Falling trees can knock off the power supply leaving you without power in the cold season. Depending on the extent of damage, the restoration of power can take days. In fact, the fallen tree or the branch has to be removed before the power restoration exercise is undertaken. This inconveniences a lot of people.

    What to do before a storm

    It is important that you examine the tree in your compound before a storm. It is obvious that weak and diseased trees may not withstand the bad weather. However, the healthy trees might also be damaged by really strong winds and loads of heavy ice during the season.

    Any branch that is leaning on a structure should be cut down, whether healthy or otherwise. Weak trees should also be cut down. It is also recommended that you trim the trees that are near the utility lines. Moreover, do not park your vehicles under trees during the winter period.

    Never attempt to climb leaning trees for the purposes of cutting them down. You may not have the right equipment as well as the expertise to prevent damage in the process. Call the emergency tree removal services in your area to have the tree removed as soon as possible. A tree service company that does emergency tree removal has all the tools and expertise to remove trees safely.