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    Tree Care Before It Becomes an Emergency

    As long as trees in our homes are green, leafy, fruity and flowery, we do not see the need to care for them. We only look at them when they are not flowering, when they fail to leaf as usually especially in spring, when branches fall off, when they are attacked by pests or diseases or when they fall down suddenly.

    When trees are not cared for properly, they tend to get sick and even die. If it is a grown tree it can become an emergency problem to you and your family. It is therefore important to care for your tree or trees before they become an emergency. The following are the common tree care errors that might lead to problems and how to avoid them:

    Poor pruning procedures

    Pruning is not just about cutting branches and twigs from a tree, it involves identifying overgrown braches, identifying twigs that need to be removed and then carefully pruning them without interfering with the rest of the tree. Poor pruning practices can destabilize the tree, can also encourage the spread of diseases in case the pruned parts were affected by diseases and in other cases can make the tree to fall over. Ensure that you properly prune your trees to enhance their growth. In case you do not have the knowledge on how to properly prune trees, it is a good idea to have a professional do it for you.

    Poor mulching

    Mulch helps in enhancing the growth of trees. It reduces evaporation of moisture from the ground allowing trees to absorb water through the roots. Mulch also gives your home or yard immense curb appeal. However, too much mulch is not good and too little will not enhance proper growth of the trees. If neglected, the tree might not grow as expected and it might die causing problems in terms of the removal of the tree and even problems to your home.

    Too much fertilizer application

    A tree planted in a good sunny location, in fertile soil and covered with organic matter does not require application of fertilizer as the tree uses photosynthesis to make it own food. Nonetheless, during the early stages of growth fertilizer application is important. Unfortunately, some people think that trees require fertilizer throughout. Applying too much fertilizer can poison the root system of the tree; it can weaken the growth of the tree and even pollute the waterways around. Weakened growth can lead to the death of the tree which can be an emergency to the owner.

    In summary, properly caring for your tree will prevent tree related emergencies from happening.