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    Stump Removal whit chemical vs Machine

    Stump Removal with Chemical and Using Stump Grinding Machine Ideas

    stump. What remains after a tree has been properly removed is the stump. If you have a stump on your property, you should probably get rid of it. The best option for stump removal depends on the type, number and size of the stumps. Some trees have big, wide, flat root systems while some have a tap root that goes straight down, which makes digging extremely tough.

    Stump removal with chemical

    Using chemicals gradually break the stump down to the point where it is easier to break up into smaller pieces. When using chemicals to remove stumps, you must prevent animals and children from coming in contact with the stump. It is not an environmentally friendly way to remove stumps. Here is a summary of how to remove stump with chemical
    • Cut off as much of the stump as possible with a chainsaw.
    • Drill 1-inch holes around the perimeter of the stump and Move inward by about 3 or 4 inches to drill more holes. Depending on the size of

    the stump, these holes should be between 8-12 inches deep.

    • Drill more holes around the sides, so they meet with the other holes to create 45-degree angles.
    • Pour liberal amounts of the chemical like potassium nitrate into the holes.
    • Fill the holes with water.
    • Wait for about four to six weeks or until the stump becomes very spongy.
    • Use an ax to break up the spongy stump.
    Using Stump grinding machine to remove stump
    This is the most environmentally friendly way to remove a stump. A stump grinder is a machine that removes tree stumps by chipping away the wood with the aid of a rotating cutting disk that grinds the wood into small chips. They vary in size from a lawn mower to a truck.
    Tips and Ideas for Using a Stump Grinding Machine
    • Use a shovel or mattock to clear rocks away from around the stump.
    • Reduce the stump as possible with a chainsaw and try to get it level to the ground as possible.
    • Using the hydraulic lever, raise the grinder wheel few inches above the stump. After turning it on, lower it about 3 inches into the stump and move it side to side with the lever.
    • After grinding down to about 4 inches with the grinder wheel, move it forward and Repeat the process until the entire stump is at least 4 inches below ground.
    Always wear protective gear especially glasses when operating the stump grinder because wood chips and other debris will fly everywhere.

    well best thing for stump Grinding is machine in case To plant new Trees