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    Safety Trimming

    Safety Measures On Trimming a Tree close To Power lines

    Well maintained trees can immensely improve air quality, beautify the environment and even increase the aesthetic value of a home. However, when trees grow too close to power lines they can cause power outages, safety hazards and even create fire. It is therefore important to keep the tree foliage and branches from coming into contact with power lines or any electricity infrastructure around. Pruning is the most common method of prevent tree foliage from coming into contact with power lines. However, when pruning there are certain safety measures that should be taken as can be viewed below:

    Secure the area

    If a tree has fallen or is in contact with power lines, secure the area to prevent accidents from happening. Try and prevent your family members or other people from coming too close to the tree. This is power lines are in most cases naked and when they come into contact with green trees the trees become conductors of the electricity and can electrocute anything that touches the tree.  Therefore securing the area is very important.

    Call the electricity supply company

    Green trees conduct electricity. This means that if you come into contact with a tree with power lines passing through it you might get electrocuted. Therefore, if you see that a tree or part of a tree is in contact with power lines, it is important to call the electricity supply company. The company will assign professionals to come and rectify the problem by cutting the branches of the tree or even the tree itself.

    Get a professional to prune the tree

    If you have trees that grow close to power lines avoid pruning them by yourself. This is because doing it yourself can be dangerous to you as you can be electrocuted in the process. Therefore, it is always a good idea to seek the services of professional who will take all the necessary precautions while pruning the trees.

    Avoid pruning in high winds

    If the tree you want to prune is not so close to the power lines, you can prune it yourself. However, when pruning ensure that you wear protective gear for the head to the hands, to your feet. Ensure that the protective gear you wear is not a good conductor of electricity. When pruning trees that are in close proximity to power lines avoid pruning in high winds. This is because high winds can blow branches towards the power lines and this can be dangerous. It is because of such unforeseen problems that you are advised to seek professional help when it comes to pruning trees that are close to power lines.