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    Rubbish removal

    How to Clear Rubbish Quickly and Cheaply after Land Clearance

    Land clearing produces a mass of debris that is at times unsightly and can form very good habitat for unwanted wildlife like rodents. This debris is tricky to get rid of when large tree stumps are included.

    One can contact a rubbish handling company who are better at that kind of thing. It will also save time and effort.  Some of the more common ways to clear rubbish are;


    When the debris includes light brush and wood, burning is the quickest way of doing it. However, there are dangers involved and some local authorities will not allow rubbish burning. It is also not advisable where there are residential properties nearby.  Fires can spread very easily when there is dry vegetation nearby. Sparks could jump on the vegetation left on the ground and spread fast in event of a breeze.

    Burning has to be closely supervised with water nearby as an extinguisher. Even then, the coals left behind and the ashes have to be completely free of fire before burying them.Large stumps can be separated and burned in a dirt mound to form charcoal which is good for outdoor fires and cooking.

    When burning,you will have to notify the local authorities particularly the fire department.

    Grinding and composting

    For the environmentally conscious, this method is ideal for light brush. The debris is chopped and placed as heaps to decompose. The resulting compost can then be used to fertilize the same land it was cleared from, or buried if it has no use.

    The downside of this method is that it is time consuming to chop up the debris and it also takes several weeks to decompose especially in cold weather.


    Recycling some of the debris for beauty purposes is always possible. If there are rocks and stumps involved, they can be arranged to beautify the place. Large stumps can also be used to mark boundaries or used as fencing posts. They are sometimes used I aquariums as shelter for fish.

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    Contacting a rubbish clearing company is the best thing to do if the amounts of debris involved are large and unwieldy. They have the equipment and the manpower to do it.  Costs for rubbish clearing usually average $100 per yard. Rubbish clearing companies can also give you some ideas on what to recycle and what to throw away. In any case, the costs of clearing rubbish will depend on how fast you want it off the land