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    Pruning Mistakes ?

     Pruning mistakes in long island Nassau

    Tree Pruning and trimming are some of the toughest tasks that you perform when maintaining your yard or the garden. Many people make mistakes when pruning trees that make them look horrible or kill then altogether. However, if it is done right, pruning ensures that the tree looks great, grows uniformly, and is not affected by pests and diseases.

    Stupid Trimming Mistakes

    Tree pruning in long island suffolk

    Pruning .Here are the common mistakes

    Tree topping involves the removal of the top of the tree as well as cutting back on the main branches. Most of the owners top the trees just because they feel that the tree has grown too big. Topping makes the trees stressed, decay at the edge and are damaged by diseases and insects. The tree may also die.

    Tree Pruning Mistakes Long island

    Tree Pruning service long island

    Trimming at the wrong time

    Trimming requires precise timing and the knowledge of when it is best for the tree. Some trees such as the Texas Oak should not be pruned around February to June to prevent infection with the wilting disease. West facing branches should never be trimmed during summer as they are likely to lead to sunscald damage. Seek information about the tree you grow before pruning it.

    Trimming at wrong spots

    Most people think that cutting branches flush to the branches is the right thing to do. However, removing  the entire limb, the wound left behind does not heal. This becomes the point where pests and diseases get into the tree. Each of the trees has an elevated bump where the branch interacts with the trunk called the collar. The collar has special cells that help the tree heal fast. Without the cells, the wound left behind would eventually kill the tree.

    Over pruning

    Over pruning involves the removal of too much of the tree branches at a given time. The trimming experts advise that you should only remove less than 20% of the tree. Trimming too much hinders the tree’s ability to make and transport food thereby leading to stunted growth. This pruning also opens up too much of the tree to sun leading to sunscald. Sunscald can lead to the spread of disease.


    This is the practice of cutting the branch at other areas rather than the node and the union. Lopping leads to increased growth of wa Watersprouts are tiny branches that stick out like hair. They are very frangil than other branches and require more regular pruning. Watersprouts also makes the tree more susceptible to rotting thereby shortening the lifespan of your tree.

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