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    Pruning Costumer Questions ??

    The best time to prune trees

    Trees, if managed properly would not only provide oxygen to the environment but also add values and beauty to the landscape. They provide shelter for some animals and beautify the property they reside on. Taking proper care of a tree is essential to make sure it improves the environment rather than deterring it. Part of the maintenance of a tree is Pruning.

    What is Pruning/ Trimming?

    Pruning or trimming is a practice involving the selective removal of particular parts of a plant such as branches, buds, or stem. It is the most common maintenance practice carried out on trees. The practice involves targeted removal of damaged, diseased or overgrown branches of trees. Proper pruning of trees improves its structural strength, maintains its health, enhances its beauty, and increases their value.

    Why should trees be pruned?

    Trimming has the potential to alter the growth of trees; there should be a reason before pruning is done. Proper pruning can maintain good tree health and structure while improving the aesthetic and economic values of the environment. Some of the reasons why trimming of trees is carried out includes;

    • To improve tree form
    • To removal of damaged or diseased part of trees
    • Reducing risk from falling branches
    • Branches are growing over buildings and utility wires
    • Increase light and air penetration

    What is the best time to prune trees?

    Occasional tree trimming is recommended as it not only addresses problems but also helps keep trees healthy and attractive. Pruning of small, diseased and damaged branches can also be done at any time of year.

    The best time to trim trees is in the late fall through winter when the trees are in the dormant period. Pruning during the dormant period reduces sap loss; it also minimizes the risk of infection or insect infestation as disease pathogen are inactive during this time.

    Benefits of pruning

    Pruning improves the health of trees by eliminating dead, diseased or overgrown branches and promote the development of weak branch structure. Removing these branches also reduces the risk of harm and damage to your property. It also helps add value and beauty to the environment. More Related Information here

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