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    How to Prepare Your Lawn for Spring Season!!!

    Preparing Your Lawn for Spring Season!!!

    Spring is around the corner and your lawn needs preparation to start a new season. When the winter season ends, you will definitely want to spend more time outside enjoying the warm weather and getting ready to start giving your lawn the care it needs to make your property have a beautiful look.

    If you neglect having spring lawn care, you could end up paying more money when you decide to start working on it for the rest of the year, because you will need to cover all the damages that you neglected during spring.

    There are few simple steps that you can follow to maintain your landscape, grass lawn, trees, flower plants, shrubs looking their best way possible in the start of a new spring season.

    dRaking: It is important to start by raking all the leaves and debris as your first task of spring lawn care. Rake away the debris that was left during the fall and winter months, including all the leaves and sticks. If you leave anything on the landscape lawn this can get in the way of watering, mowing, planting new seeds and so many other things.

    If you thought that raking was just removing leaves you are wrong because is more than that, and if you do raking the way its supposed to, it will add benefits of loosening of the soil, and encouraging healthy airflow.

    sSeeding: At the time of doing your lawn care you will find areas on your landscape with weak grass, or dead grass. You will need to use a strong rake to open the surface, and once you are done raking the affected areas mix grass seed, with new healthy soil. Once you have the mixture spread it over the surface, and water it regularly to have a fast growth.

    eWater Deeply and Regularly: Every property owner needs to water their lawn often, using moderate water. If you can water deep and sparingly, you will train the grass roots to dig deeper into the soil, if you water lightly and often you will also train your roots to stay near the surface.

    By having a healthy lawn makes a very good filter for absorbing many things that can be washed into our streams, and the ideal lawn to have in your landscape is the one that will grow best in your environment without lots of supplemental watering.

    kfMowing: Every property owner should know that mowing the lawn in spring isn’t about until a specific date but requires monitoring the length of grass and waiting for it to reach the adequate height.

    To avoid injuring grass by cutting it when its too short, which also renders it prone to disease, its recommended to wait until it’s at least 2 inches tall. By doing this you protect the roots of grass.

    oFertilizing: Just as mowing its important to your lawn, proper fertilization at this time of the year is also an important key. As you may notice after winter, your lawn grass will need a boost of nutrients, and fertilizing in early spring is a good idea to bolster root the roots health and to provide energy to the lawn for upcoming growing season.

    There are a lot of things you can do for your lawn, when the season of springs arrives to your area. If you have no idea on how to take care of your property landscape you can always contact experts, professionals with the experience and knowledge.

    They will help you to have a healthy and beautiful look in your home. You can also read more tips about lawn care in spring Visit our Website