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    Long Island Floods

    Videos Courtesy: cheiapete1

    Tuesday night 8/12/2014 around 10PM ET an unexpected and record breaking storm started, a rain storm that didn’t stop until the following day around 10AM. The rain was so unexpected that many roads were soon flooded, many people were delayed to work and many people also found themselves repairing their homes and cars. The storm was reported to be from 11 to 12 inches. Many people became trapped into their homes afraid to become trapped into their vehicles if they decided to come out, many cars were reported damaged and left behind in the middle of streets completely unworkable. According to websites as News12LI, there it was a pothole in bayshore that created a huge problem for bay shore residents and also many important highways such as the Southern State Parkway, Sunrise and the LIE were partly closed due to floods. In Farmingville also another pothole created a nightmare for residents. Wheather was the south shore or the northshore both were extremely damaged by the weather, which hours later looked like nothing had happened, the sun came out and the humidity was turned up.