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    How to Get Affordable Excavation and Land Clearing Prices

    Land excavation and clearing go together when one needs to put land to better use. Some people interchange the two terms when meaning the removal of trees, shrubs and other vegetation from an area.

    Excavation is mainly done when an area is being prepared for construction, as foundation has to be laid underground. Construction of a swimming pool also needs excavation. When pushing back encroaching vegetation, excavation is done to remove the plants completely to prevent further growth and reduce fire hazard.

    Factors affecting price

    When excavation companies get on site to make a price quotation they will consider four issues;

    • Size of area to be excavated
    • The type of soil and the terrain of the area; sloppy, flat
    • The need for excavation and the type of excavation to be done
    • The equipment to be used.

    A simple job like cut and fill i.e. moving soil from one area to another for leveling purposes, will be obviously be cheaper than excavating for a swimming pool.

    Typical prices

    Prices average $200-$160 per yard according to the factors in question. For simple excavation labor alone, the prices can go as low as $90. For full labor, disposal and equipment costs the price can be as high as $160.

    Land clearing

    Land excavation will include clearing vegetation on the ground and then doing the digging, for example when doing house foundations. At times only clearing of vegetation on the ground is required, for example when preparing land for landscaping.

    This removal of vegetation can be termed as clearing to differentiate from exaction which is more extensive. Costing for land clearing will be based on;

    • Area involved
    • Type of vegetation

    Vegetation can be;

    Brush – This is anything that is under 20cm or 12 inches. It includes grass, shrubs and vines.

    Light Wood – This is vegetation that includes trees that are less than 10 inches in diameter, and the undergrowth

    Forest – This is vegetation that includes mature trees more than 10 inches in diameter ,that in some cases can have timber hewn from them

    Pricing land clearing

    Clearing flat terrain with light vegetation will cost as low as $300 1 bush  per acre and go as high as $20,000 when the terrain is sloppy. Overgrown bush on flat land will cost $500 and go up to $2000 on rough and sloppy terrain. For forested area on flat terrain cost can be $3000 and go as high as $6000 on rough terrain.

    Other issues that can add to the price are disposal ad permits

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