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    Ideas To plant Evergreens

     Green giants Trees

    Green Jiant trees

    Ideas To plant Trees For Privacy

    Ideas To plant Green giant trees are good for blocking out the wind and giving you privacy from the outside. They are also an attractive green addition to the yard. Moreover, they can help improve the quality of air in your backyard and protect the landscape from extreme weather conditions.

    Here are ideas for planting the green Giants trees effectively

    Size and spacing

    Measure out the area where you would like to plant your trees. The giant greens are also wide and grow to heights above 8 feet. It is good to space them at around 3-5 feet to avoid overcrowding and give them a chance to expand in width. Overcrowded trees compete for moisture and nutrients thereby growing weak.

    They should also be planted at least 10 feet away from any structure at home. If there are utility lines that pass over the property, ensure that you plant trees that do not grow past the 25 feet mark.


    If you are planting more than one type of the green giants, plant a given variety in a given row. This is good a uniformed look on your landscape as well as creating a diverse set of trees in your landscape. This also creates a more natural look in your landscape.


    The height of the privacy determines the trees that you choose and at what location. Giant greens that grow for more than 4 feet every year also grow very wide. If you are planning on limiting the height of the privacy screen, you will have a lot of pruning to do. In such a case, look for slower growing green giants

    You should also consider the location of the utility lines especially if you do not want to control the height of your giants. Most high voltage power lines are about 25 feet from the ground. Your giant greens should not reach height when they are fully grown.

    In the same breath, consider the root systems of the trees that you plant. The giant trees also grow their roots deep and wide. Thus, ensure that the roots do not get in the way of the water and sewer lines or to the foundations of your house.

    Most green giants will not give you a problem when they are already established. In fact, if you do not need to control the height, there is little pruning that is needed. Plant them when the soil is warm and the weather is cool

    Also Emeralds Tree are great For Privacy They Look like this

    tree who are Good For Privacy

    There lot ideas To plant trees for very good privacy