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    Emergency tree removal

    Trees that are around home may be a safety hazard especially during a storm. Fallen trees may damage the roof, destroy vehicles,and cause injuries to the members of the family.

    Trees may fall due to disease, weather or just due the ages of the tree. Heavy branches may also fall off the tree. The removal of the fallen trees should be done fast so that you can restore the integrity of your home as soon as possible. You can do it yourself if you have the necessary tools. However, if the tree is likely to cause injury to many more members of the family or damage more property, call a professional tree remover.

    Here are steps for the removal of fallen trees

    Check if anyone is injured

    Check Emergency Tree service

    Ensure that no one is in danger of being injured by the tree. If there are people who are injured in the process, ensure that they receive prompt medical attention.

     Inspect the area where the tree has fallen

    Inspect the area where the tree has fallen. Ensure that the tree has not cut any utility lines such as the telephone and electricity lines. If any of the lines has been cut, do not attempt to remove the tree. There is a risk of electrocution. You may also not tell the difference between telephone and electricity lines. Call the emergency department for help.

    Contact your insurance company

    Once you have ensured that everyone is safe, contact your insurance company. You may be required to take some photos of the scene and wait for the insurance company before starting the removal process.

    Call professional tree removal service

    Call the professional emergency tree removal company. They have the tools and the expertise to remove trees in a variety of settings while causing minimal additional damage. Unless you are removing some fallen branch on the roof, do not attempt to remove trees on your own, you might injure yourself if you do not have the equipment.

    The emergency tree removal company will handle all the tree removals and clear leaves, branches and the stump. If the roof of the house is damaged, call as roofer to repair the roof.

    Call the professionals for the removal f even the small plants in your yard. Consider the removal of the trees even before they have fallen if they are very near to the house. Even if they do not fall down, the roots may crack your home’s foundation and sewer lines.