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    Drone stuck in Tree news

    What to Do If Your Drone is stuck in A Tree or House?

    Drones are getting stuck in trees at an alarming rate. As a drone owner or enthusiast, you have to face the stark reality that your drone is probably going to get stuck in a tree at some point in its lifespan. How it gets stuck is somewhat laughable. It might occur during its maiden flight largely because of your inexperience, or later in the course of its lifespan due to too much confidence. Well; possibilities of your drone getting stuck in a tree increase drastically if you are operating it in an area with close-knit trees. Even worse, if there is a strong gust of the wind in its flight path.

    So your drone has gotten stuck in a tree. Whether through sheer bad luck, over-confidence or inexperience, you have to devise a means to bring it down – in one piece. Chances are your drone is stuck at the moment. How else could you be on this page? Nonetheless, we are not here to pass judgment on your action; rather, we want to offer possible solutions and tips on how to untangle your drone, and bring it down safe and sound.

    Make sure it’s actually stuck

    As trivial as this might sound, you can disentangle your drone using its motor. How? Drone’s motor harbour significant amount of power which could help dislodge your drone. Rev up your engine a couple of times then start wiggling the controls. You should be careful not to usurp the battery. If you cannot free your drone this way, you may need to resort to other ways to free it up.

    Jiggle the Tree

    Certain tree sizes, location, and weight of the drone can obviate the need for shaking the tree. If it seems prudent, give jiggling a try. Start with simple but lengthy shakes then shorter and more vigorous ones. You would be amazed that such a simple solution could work.

    Climb the Tree

    Climbing a tree calls for sober discretion. If the tree has stable branches, climbing is a good solution. For one, it’s the best way to retrieve your drone intact. As a rule of thumb, heights greater than 20 feet are a no-no.

    Using A Pole

    The magical allure of this technique lies in its ingenuity and safety. It is not only bound to work but also safe for you and your drone. Assemble as long pole as your require using available canes or bamboo secured together systematically to reach your target. Attach a hook-like structure at the tip of your pole.

    When to Call a Professional

    If your drone is stuck higher than 50 feets above the ground, tricks mentioned above will not cut it. Sadly, you cannot enlist the help of Fire Department. But you may want to call a professional – a contractor with a bucket truck. The will indeed retrieve your drone, albeit at a cost.