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    Butterfly Shrubs Care

    fButterfly shrubs known also as (Buddleia) has been know for many things. If you are thinking on adding this plant to your property you should know that its easy to grow and produces striking flowers spikes and they come in a number of beautiful colors, including pink and blue.

    Butterfly shrubs or bushes  are also know for what they attract butterflies and types of beneficial insects.

    Performing Butterfly shrub care its actually an easy task to do. This plant needs to be watered slowly and deeply during prolonged dry spells in order for the soil to absorb the water  deep into the root zone.

    bAnther great thing about butterfly shrub care is that this plant don’t require to have fertilizer unless you planted in an area where is growing with poor soil.

    But if you do fertilize to enrich the soil add a layer of compost over the roots zone, and you can also cover the root zone with 2 to 4 inch layer of mulch. Adding mulch is particularly important during cold weather because the roots need winter protection.

    The butterfly shrub blooms during the times of spring and summer, but luckily for property owner who have them, they keep a naturally attractive shape and evergreen foliage that keeps the bush interesting, even when it is not in bloom. These tough plants have the capacity to tolerate a variety of conditions and are hardy in U.S.

    Butterfly Shrubs/Bushes Pruning!

    plEvery property owner knows the importance of performing pruning or trimming in their shrubs and trees. This process not only enhances the appearance of these plants but also fixes damages that keep the trees and shrubs from growing out of control. Pruning butterfly bushes is easy, because this shrubs is extremely hardy and adaptable.

    This shrubs doesn’t require special techniques for pruning. However, as with most shrubs and trees, it is always a good idea to remove any broken, dead, or diseased limbs and branches to avoid having any further damages.

    Most property owners prefer to cut back the entire shrubs to within a foot or two from the ground, which actually allows it to become more manageable.

    When to Prune?

    uKnowing how to prune your butterfly bush is important, but also knowing when to prune the shrub is another aspect of pruning for that needs to be important. Even though pruning your butterfly shrubs or bushes can take place at any time of the year.

    However, there are certain pruning techniques that will help to promote more vigorous growth and healthier blooms. But generally most butterfly bush pruning should be done during winter time while thee plants are dormant, but you also can pruning and have shrub care during spring.

    Butterfly Shrub Planting!!!

    ftIf you find a perfect location and spot to plant your butterfly bush this will minimize the time you’ll spend on giving it maintenance.

    To plant the shrubs you should choose a sunny or partly shaded area where the soil is well-drained ( soil that is constantly wet encourage rot, which is not good for your plants).

    When you plant your plants in good quality soil, butterfly bushes rarely need fertilizer to be add to them. Try the best to give your butterfly shrubs/ bushes plenty of room, this will help you not to prune very often. Butterfly bushes will grow from 6-12 Ft tall and will spread 4-15 feet wide, do your measurements and plant them in an area with enough space.

     If you are planning on planting butterfly shrubs or bushes you can find more information about the type, color and species at ——>Butterfly Bushes

    You can also contact experts to help you with choosing the right plants for your property and to help you with shrub care and maintenance.