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    How to go about Emergency Brush Removal

    Getting rid of leaves, branches and other vegetation quickly can be tricky if you have to do it fast. If the vegetation involved includes undesirable species like poison ivy, the exercise becomes downright nasty.

    For homeowners who have more than an acre of yard, this is a reality that is never too far. Unfortunately, the skill and equipment of doing emergency brush removal is not one available to many individual homeowners necessitating the use of a professional outfit.

    Factors of cost

    Brush removal companies will base their price on the size of land covered, the quantity of debris and the type of vegetation. Normally you will expect to pay more if the brush is dense and includes thorny and irritating species that will need specialized equipment.

    Typical costs

    The costs average $1-$2.50 per square foot. Per acre price quotes will range $200-$700 again depending on the factors.  But prices can fall as much as $150 when simple vegetation like dry grass is involved, or as high as $2000 if you are clearing fallen trees.

    Some companies will charge you by the quantities of brush hauled. They will charge a minimum of $100 for a pickup truck. This is the lowest price for many companies. The load in question is usually a load that does not need rope to tie down. A mini dump truck that is about 4-5 pickup trucks will cost you an average of $500

    You could also be charged per hour of work. This will cost you $25-$40 and will usually involve 2-3 persons on site.

    What is covered?

    So that you get the best value for your money make sure the prices quoted involve;

    • Cutting of the brush
    • Disposing of the brush and any other resulting debris
    • Rental of equipment and tools
    • Any required permits

    Some companies will quite prices for labor only without disposal. Ensure you read the fine print when you are signing the contract.

    Saving on costs

    Emergency costs are unexpected and can come when your budget is not very flexible. To make it more affordable, you could consider;

    • Getting involved in the work. Get a pair of long sleeved shirt, sturdy denim pants and gloves. This will save on the labor costs and you can negotiate with the company to account for your costs.
    • Avoid the disposal charge by disposing the brush yourself. Obtain a permit from the fire department and burn the brush in your backyard. You could also decompose and bury it.Brush removal